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What Is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plazma

“PRP” Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets are in our blood and circulate throughout our body and make up about 8% of our blood. The other 92% of our blood is red blood cells and plasma. Platelets are very important in the healing process, repair and health of our body. Recently they have discovered that platelets have healing and regenerative capabilities if infused in high concentrations. These new discoveries are why “PRP”  Platelet Rich Plasma is being used for hair restoration, skin tightening, cosmetic surgery, joint repair, neurosurgery and many more new healing applications.

Platelets in our blood are not considered “PRP” until we concentrate them. The higher the concentrations the more effective the results of the “PRP” treatment.

The next question you may have is how do you achieve a high concentration of platelets that will achieve the results your looking for?

The accuracy of the processing of the blood and the quality and design of the medical kit used to extract the platelets is key to achieving high concentrations of platelets. We draw up to 50cc of blood from the patient. Then the process to extract and concentrate the platelets begins using multiple steps, including a double centrifuge process. When this process is complete and only then, do we have “PRP”. The process used to concentrate platelets is critical to achieving effective “PRP”.

All “PRP” Is Not The Same

Inexpensive medical kits and inaccurate processing, results in low grade Platelet Rich Plasma, which results in poor results when used for hair restoration and skin tightening, wrinkle removal and healthy-looking skin.

At Nava Med Spa we have completed extensive research to find the most accurate process and the best medical kits available, that will produce the highest concentration of platelets for the best results for our patients. We use “Super PRP” for Microneedling, skin tightening, wrinkle removal and hair restoration.