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What Options Are Available For Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Many men and women are not aware of some of the recent break through’s in hair restoration. Many of us are familiar with the hair transplant pictures of the hair plugs that were removed from the back of the scalp and placed in the front. Yes, it was real hair but did not look natural.

New techniques have made improvements and transplants are now aesthetically much better today. Transplants are one way to get the look that you gained some of your hair back but remember they don’t get your hair back they remove it from one area and move it to another. You don’t end up with more hair. They really don’t stop your hair loss. Your hair continues to thin and go dormant. Yes, it is very expensive, substantial down time after surgery and recovery is not painless.

Our facility does not do hair transplants, although an option, we have concentrated on getting your original hair follicles to become active again and begin to produce normal hair. We are creating more hair for the patient not just relocating a limited ever decreasing quantity of hair.

This may sound to good to be true, but new research has shown that it is possible to activate hair follicles that have become dormant. Of coarse this is what happens as we age or get hormonal imbalances; our hair thins and eventually stops growing. Of coarse heredity plays a major role in the thinning of hair and hair loss.

You are probably asking your self how do we get the hair to begin to grow hair again?

The newest research has validated two new methods that have been successful. The first method that can activate a hair follicle is to use PRP.

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is produced in your body. It does not become PRP until it is removed from your blood and concentrated. It needs to be concentrated 6 to 8 times its natural concentration for it to do its job of repairing the hair follicles. It must then be placed at the follicle sight for the repair to begin. Read more about PRP…

The second method that recent research has found to activate a hair follicle is to use red laser light in the 650 to 670nm frequency. Recent research shows that laser light in the correct frequency will cause dormant hair follicles to begin to grow hair again. The FDA recently approved, Low Level Laser Light treatments for hair restoration.

At Nava Med Spa we invested in Laser machines and the equipment to produce the PRP. We offer either procedure as a standalone treatment. We highly recommend combining these treatments to greatly increase the success of the hair restoration. One important thing to remember the earlier you have these treatments after the onset of thinning or hair loss the better the success of the treatment. If your starting to thin or loose your hair now is the time to restore your hair. The earlier you start after onset of hair loss the fewer treatments you will need and the less you will spend for hair restoration.

How Can PRP be Used to Treat Hair Loss?

PRP has been used during cosmetic surgery procedures, oral surgical procedures, joint repair, neurosurgery procedures and orthopedic surgery procedures with great success. Researchers have recently found that PRP can regenerate hair growth.  It is a safe, natural and non-surgical approach that may provide many people with the results that they are hoping for.


The procedure usually takes from one to two hours and is performed in the office. To begin the procedure, the patient has blood drawn. We then remove the critical platelets from the blood and begin the process to concentrate these important healing platelets until the PRP is created. After the PRP has been generated for the individual patient, topical anesthetic is applied to the region of the scalp where the PRP will be injected. There is no recovery time associated with this procedure.

Nava Med Spa LLC is not indorsing or advertising for any Product, Medical Facility, Doctor or Treatment method shown. These videos are from Public domain and are shown here for Public Education, Knowledge and a better Understanding of different subjects.

Who is a Qualified Candidate?

Both men and women can be candidates for this procedure.

We provide a free consultation and exam to see if you are a qualified candidate for the treatment and will advise you on what areas of your scalp we feel that there may be success in the hair restoration. Anyone who is in good general health and wishes to promote natural hair growth can consider this non-surgical procedure.

Let us give you a free consultation and evaluation for our Hair Restoration solutions. Please take a few minutes to watch some of the public videos on our web. These videos will give you a better understanding of how the procedures are performed and what results other patients have achieved.

Why wait when you can start saving money and start growing your hair now. Drive a little and save your hair and money. We offer free consultations and discounts will be given for type of treatment best for you at the consultation.

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