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“RF” Body Sculpting

with "RF" RadioFrequency

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Options for Body Sculpting

We offer two different, non-invasive, ways to achieve body contouring by removing fat deposits from areas that dieting doesn’t seem to reach. The removal of fat deposits from areas that dieting doesn’t seem to reach.

In addition, we offer Cool Body Sculpting, which is very effective, however our system has 4 different sized heads that can accommodate different areas of the body.

Alternative To Fat Loss Treatments

Researchers have also discovered an alternate way to accomplish fat loss using “RF” Radio frequency to heat fat cells. Researchers have found that if you increase or decrease the temperature of the fat cell from normal body temperature, it will cause the cell wall to break down, allowing the fat cell to be absorbed by the body and removed. Skin cells and muscle cell can tolerate temperature changes better than fat cells and are not damaged from the temperature changes.

Our equipment generates a Radio Frequency that passes through the skin and heats the layer of fat under the skin. We target just the fat layer under the skin. With RF, we can contour larger areas and blend the area of fat loss more evenly with the body profile.


The answer to that is…it depends?

Cooling the fat can work with one treatment but two or more will give you better results. With additional treatments, more fat cells are destroyed. Occasionally you can have a few side effects, which can include numbness and or slight bruising after treatment which can last up to a week or so.

“RF” Radio Frequency feels like a warm massage and sometimes, quite warm, but not painful.  We can target larger areas or very specific areas with accuracy. One of our machines can target the entire abdomen and both the left and right flanks, or love handles, with one u-shaped panel that encompasses the abdomen. The treatment last 45 minutes and we recommend 4 to 6 treatments every 7 to 10 days. During the treatment you can read a book, listen to music, or we have large screen televisions in each treatment room to help you pass the time.

Nava Med Spa LLC is not endorsing or advertising for any Product, Medical Facility, Doctor or Treatment method shown. These videos are from Public domain and are shown here for Public Education, Knowledge and a better Understanding of different subjects.

Nava Med Spa LLC is not endorsing or advertising for any product, Medical Facility, Doctor or treatment method shown. These videos are from public domain and are shown here for Public Education, knowledge and a better understanding of different subjects.

An alternate “RF” machine available, utilizes two different hand-held pieces. One is used for skin tightening of the face and the other is for the body. The operator can target a specific area and apply treatments to any place on the body that the customer is looking to contour through fat loss. One benefit of the “RF” is that it does stimulate collagen growth and causes skin tightening. These new procedures are all non-invasive and painless.

It almost sounds too good to be true. But it does work!!

Let us give you a free consultation and evaluation for our “RF” Body Sculpting treatments. Please take a few minutes to watch some of the public videos on our web. These videos will give you a better understanding of how the procedures are performed and what results other patients have achieved.

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