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Unwanted Hair


Unwanted Hair…Removal

Rid Yourself of Unwanted Hair

Better Hair Removal Solutions

Both men and women can be concerned about unwanted hair. Many people can get unwanted facial hair due to hormonal problems or genetics. Using wax has been a means to remove this type of hair. Body hair can be removed through waxing but of course this is a continuous expenditure and the main problem is that it very painful.

With new technology and improved laser machines, laser hair removal is less painful than waxing, and usually most hair is removed with several laser treatments, never to return. Although since hair has stages, or growth cycles, some hair that was not in its growth cycle can be missed. A follow up treatment will complete the process.

Waxing Never Ends

Waxing is like a car or mortgage payment that never stops, besides that it really hurts.

Our new laser machine is very effective and quick, and much more comfortable that having your hair ripped out. Of course, if the hair is gray, or colorless you may have to use waxing as a means of hair removal. The laser needs some color in the hair for the laser beam to be absorbed by the hair follicle.

Stop wasting your money on an outdated and painful method for hair removal.

Save time and money by calling us for a free consultation with laser experts. Our laser technician is a registered nurse of 30 years and has specialized in laser hair removal for over 10 years. Best results come from experienced laser machine operators who can properly determine the correct laser setting for your skin type and hair color.

Call us for a free consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal and ask about our Grand Opening special where you can get a free laser treatment.